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It’s often that subcontractors make mistakes and don’t even realize it until it’s too late. The customer may complain or discontinue the project altogether. Before that happens, it’s necessary to address quality concerns in order to maintain high levels of product quality, worker productivity and customer satisfaction.


Act Promptly


Subcontractors must be informed of quality issues as soon as they are discovered. Some workers tend to procrastinate on making repairs if they don’t see the damage up close or assume that the structure is still functional. Subcontractors must react with urgency in fixing a problem, even if it doesn’t seem like an immediate threat.


Require a Quality Inspection Checklist


All workers must be required to follow a quality inspection checklist. After completing a project, they should check off each task to ensure its completion. This includes a safety inspection checklist to ensure that the finished product is free of danger.


Provide Customer Complaints


Relaying customer complaints directly to the subcontractors is recommended. This allows them to know exactly what customers are saying about the quality of their work. Customers are the best advisors when it comes to improving product quality, so it’s important that workers take full advantage of their opinions.


Once complaints are reviewed, the next step is to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Some companies use customer relationship management (CRM) software that maintain detailed logs of their customers’ information. One tip is to require them to fill out satisfaction surveys to know of their experiences with the company.


Choose a Good Team and Leader


If a lack of quality has become a major issue, it’s ideal to create a quality assurance team with an appointed leader. This team makes conscious efforts to inspect their team members’ work, perform audits and observe projects under development. The leader works closely with each subcontractor to ensure that every person is following the rules and paying attention to detail.


Improving the quality of subcontracted work starts by having a detailed strategic plan. This plan must include good leadership, regular inspection checks, efficient information management and prompt deadlines. There are all kinds of subcontractors who bring different skills and talents to a project. Every company must have a plan to maintain optimal levels of quality.