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Working safely on a construction site is not just about having the right power tools, it’s also ensuring that every worker knows how to use the tools correctly. There are some safety handling tips that are recommended to stay safe when using dangerous equipment.


Read the Warning Labels

Warning labels appear in big, bold print for a good reason. Apart from the small text in an instructional manual, a warning label is never made to be ignored. Common warning labels for power tools include turning off the power when it’s not in use, never dipping it in water, etc.


Use Recommended Accessories

Most accessories are designed for specific tools and cannot be used with any other tool. The manufacturer recommends the types of accessories to use. An accessory that is too small can break off in the machine and cause it to malfunction. The incorrect usage of machine parts increases the risks of a malfunction or total breakdown.


Avoid Wet or Damp Conditions

Many construction workers operate machinery in wet or damp areas. They may work when there’s a light drizzle or work near puddles or waterways. Any contact with water increases the risk of an electrical shock. Workers must keep a considerable distance between their machines and bodies of water or avoid wet areas altogether.


Do Not Leave Tools Lying Around

It’s never good to leave power tools lying around for anyone to pick up. An inexperienced person could pick up a tool, turn it on, and cause an unnecessary accident or bodily injury. In addition, unplug any device that is not in use.


Replace Broken Cords

Over time, wire cords break down, causing tears that expose the live electricity. Taping over an opening is a common solution that is not always effective. If the cord is constantly being pulled, the tape loses its elasticity over time. Replacing any broken cords is the best solution to deal with exposed wires.

Using power tools is required when performing some construction jobs. Although the work is done more easily with power tools, there are risks involved when using electricity and sharp tools. Not following proper safe handling tips leads to accidents, injuries, and medical treatments. After reviewing safety tips, anyone can use power tools for years without having a single accident.