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Construction sites have a ton of potential health hazards. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is often your main defensive equipment. These items are specially designed to limit your exposure to various risks. Each specific site should be inspected for safety, as well as how well they can provide workers with various PPE items.

You should use PPE that fits properly and can protect you from illness, injury and other dangers. Keep reading for answers to all of your questions about personal protective equipment.


What Should Each Worker Have?


Hard Hats

Because they are so effective at protecting against head injuries, hard hats are often necessary at a construction site.


Work Boots

Work boots are often steel-toe boots. These must be worn on a construction site in order to protect you from having your toes crushed. They can keep your feet safe from heavy falling materials.


Face and Eye Protection

Any time there is the danger of debris or other contaminants getting in your eyes, you must wear safety glasses or a face shield. Many tasks require these protective items, including grinding, welding and nailing.


High-Visibility Clothing

If you work along a busy roadway with inadequate lighting, a high-visibility or reflective garment is crucial for your safety. In addition to being smart, in some areas it is required by regulations put forth by OSHA.


Ear Plugs or Mufflers

When you work with tools or other pieces of heavy equipment that can be deafening, it is crucial to protect your hearing. It can suffer irreparable damage due to prolonged exposure to high volumes. Ear plugs that form to your ears are your best option, but foam-lined sets that seal tightly to your head are also effective.


Heavy Gloves

Different tasks come with different risks to your hands, so it is recommended to keep several pairs of gloves at your work. Keep a pair in heavy canvas and one in leather. These are good at minimizing your risk of cuts, burns and damage from contact with corrosive materials.


Appropriate Clothing

Not only can work pants and a work shirt protect your body from scrapes and burns, but a branded work shirt will instantly identify you as a person who is supposed to be on a construction site. Choose an outfit in a strong, flexible material for the best results.