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The OSHA 40-Hour Qualification is the initial training under Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) for new employees in high-risk positions. Employees need training on HAZWOPER if they frequently work with and clean up hazardous materials or are involved in handling and treating dangerous substances.


Online Course

The online course teaches how to respond to accidents and clean up in different locations. It teaches hazard identification, exposure limits, and chemical and general site safety risk assessment. The course reviews the technologies for identifying hazardous chemicals, monitoring and handling chemical spills, developing a method of decontamination, and using protective equipment for workers.


The online HAZWOPER course provides 40 hours of preparation. It meets the criteria outlined in the 29 CFR Part 1910.120 OSHA standard, allowing employees to undergo training before working in a hazardous waste operation. During various situations involving dangerous material, HAZWOPER preparation trains cleanup and emergency response personnel to operate safely. This training includes techniques that decrease the risk of injury and illness associated with hazardous occupational exposure.


System for Certification and Renewal

This online course meets the 40-hour HAZWOPER training requirement of OSHA, and it has experiments and real-world examples. Participants have only a small number of attempts to pass the module test with 70% or higher. The employee will receive an official completion certificate upon finishing the course, which can be downloaded and printed instantly. The participant can provide the employer with the certificate as evidence of training and download duplicates for their convenience at any time.


The HAZWOPER 40-hour certificate remains valid for 12 months. Employees must complete an 8-hour HAZWOPER refresher course each year to retain their certification. The employee has to retake the 40-hour session if the refresher deadline passes.


Additional Training for Certification

Under OSHA 40-Hour Certification, employees have access to high-quality training and education on safety in the workplace. This HAZWOPER course is to assist participants in avoiding hazardous situations.


While this course meets the OSHA criteria for the training requirements’ educational component, participants must complete an in-person training for three days. Employers are responsible for delivering field instruction, including practical experience with personal protective equipment, generally referred to as “PPE.” This equipment helps to reduce occupational exposure to hazardous materials.