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A barndominium is a large home that includes enough space for living quarters and a shop, large garage, or barn. Barndominiums can be barns converted into homes or new structures built from the ground up.


These homes are typically decorated in a farmhouse design style inside and out with large, open spaces and high, vaulted ceilings.


Benefits of Barndominiums

This type of home offers quite a few benefits. They’re typically much cheaper to build than traditional homes and can be constructed faster. They also come with lower maintenance and insurance costs. Additionally, for those in search of usable, extra space for a business venture or farm, barndominiums offer the best solution.


How Much Does a Barndominium Cost?

For new builds, barndominiums typically cost around $95 to $125 per square foot. If you’re willing to pitch in and do some of the work for yourself, you can expect to pay a little less. On the other hand, building a traditional home can cost an average of $145 per square foot.

When constructing a traditional home, you have to frame the walls and roof. With a Barndominium, this process and the costs associated with it can be eliminated. When building a barndominium, you’ll likely use a shell that includes a roof and helps to decrease costs significantly.


How Do You Begin Building a Barndominium?

To begin constructing your barndominium, you’ll need to ensure you have land to build on if you’re starting from scratch. When searching for land, make sure it’s zoned for whatever you may want to use it for. If you’re looking to build in a rural area, it will also be crucial to ensure that public utilities will be available for use. Once you have found land, you’ll need factor in all the costs and take out a construction loan to cover everything if necessary. After you’ve secured land and funds, you can start creating a blueprint, designing your barndominium, and hiring a contractor if you plan to use one.


Building a barndominium is a unique process that you shouldn’t treat the same as building a traditional home. There are many barndominium experts and professional contractors that can help you through the process, so be sure to reach out to them for assistance if you’re unsure of your next steps.